Utility Management Solution

Revenue Colection

Revenue Collection

The methodology adopted by VULA Energy consists of full utility management which includes, billing, credit control, consumer movements, auditing of local supply and dedicated customer services.

Fee Based

Fee Based

This model is structured and designed for the end user with existing infrastructure such as, property managers, administrators, utility management companies and local supply authorities

The utility management offering can be custom designed according to the clients requirements

Pre Paid

Pre Paid

Vula Energy's prepaid solution is available to both Residential and Commercial consumers, through various vending channels.

Smart Metering

Smart Metering

Residential and Commercial Smart Metering Packages.

Hardware Options:

Electricity Meters
  • 1 Phase Meter
  • 3 Phase Meter
  • 5A Ct Meter
Water Meters
  • Hot Water Meter
  • Cold Water Meter
  • Bulk Meter
Smart Metering System Includes
  • Smart Meters
  • An Onsite Communication Device
  • 2 way Network Communication between hosting servers and a smart platform
  • A Meter Data Management System (MDM)

Vula Energy Customer Service Portal

We offer our clients easy access to the online portals for management purposes.

Energy Management Portal

The web enabled energy management portal offers easy access to processed utility and energy management information. Approved representatives of the property owner are enabled to conveniently view listed information, graphs and images, relating to the technical performance, billing and consumption status of a property, via the VULA Energy website, at any time.

Customer Accounts Portal

The web enabled customer accounts portal offers easy access to processed utility information on a customer’s account. This includes real time transaction history, processed billing and various graphs pertaining to usage and levies

Vula Energy technical Services

Our technical divisions comprises of highly skilled engineers and technicians

  • Technical investigations
  • Electrical installations
  • Verification of all metering related equipment

Vula Energy offers a full range of services to various blue-chip clients in the electrical, construction and maintenance industries.

Vula Energy utilises state of the art equipment that provide detailed reports on the technical status of all metering equipment employed throughout the building. Vula Energy offer various packages to suit the clients respective requirements.


Our Services

  • Installation of electrical and water metering equipment
  • Various Meter and CT verification test
  • Infra-Red scanning & reporting
  • Technical Auditing
  • Supply and installation of power factor correction unit
  • Generator installation and maintenance
  • Certificate of Compliance (COC’s)

Vula Energy Maintenance Services

VULA Energy offers maintenance services for industrial, commercial, retail and residential.

Services provided includes the following

  • Thermal Imaging for preventative maintenance
  • COC’s
  • Tenant Installation
  • Lighting
  • Standby generator inspections
  • Major Breakdowns i.e electrical cable malfunctions
  • Normal Electrical Breakdowns i.e. plugs and lights not working

Emergency Maintenance

  • Continuous power failure
  • Distribution board failure

Tariff Pricing Breakdown

Normal Breakdown (Exc VAT)

Office Hours
  • Rate per kilometre of travel R 3.50/km
  • Hourly Rate (Technician and assistant) R 450.00/h
  • Call-out fee Office Hours R 00.00
After Hours Mon-Fri 17:00-22:00
  • Rate per kilometre of travel R 3.50/km
  • Hourly Rate (Technician and assistant) R 500.00/h
  • Call-out fee Office Hours R 380.00
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After Hours Sundays / Public Holidays
  • Rate per kilometre of travel R 3.50/km
  • Hourly Rate (Technician and assistant) R 600.00/h
  • Call-out fee Office Hours R 400.00

Quality Control Procedures

All projects will be executed and completed by qualified electricians in accordance with the electrical installation rules and regulations, as well as in accordance with SANS 10142 amendment 8, read in conjunction with ISO 9001:2000 as revised in 2008.